PVC Strip Curtains Chennai

Pvcstripcurtains.com is much more than a manufacturer and supplier of pvc strip curtains, pvc strip rolls, pvc strips, strip doors and welding screens. Thanks to more than 11 years of specialization in pvc strip curtains pvcstripcurtains.com is a real “technical consultant”, able to clearly identify the best solution for environmental control through pvc strip curtains, in terms of performance, efficiency, environmental impact and thus return on investment. we have demonstrated, proved and applied these concepts to each customer.

This approach is the “key” to our ability to innovate and excel. The constant effort in finding the most efficient solutions for each customer is often set off with new ideas and technological solutions. Pvcstripcurtains.com offers excellent protection against environmental factors that causes disturbances and inconveniences through a wide range of products for various applications. We are dynamic in the range of head rail designs and pvc strips that each strip doors or curtains can be customised according to the dimensions and needs of the customers.

In the early 90’s, pvcstripcurtains.com was the first company to supply pvc strip curtains in India, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.We replaced the traditional doors with pvc strip curtains as an alternative and effective means of thoroughfare for vehicles and individuals. They are known for their durability, performance, efficiency and easy maintenance which started a real revolution in the field of industrial pvc strip curtains.

We have excellent solution from small scale coldroom storage to large warehouses. We are the pioneers in energy conservation and creating safe and cleaner working environments with our excellent range of PVC Strip Curtains. Our PVC strip doors are widely used in manufacturing plants, cold storage, freeze zones, warehouses, food processing zones, health care facilities, pharmaceutical industry, dairy industry and in the processing of agricultural products. Where there is a need of temperature control, protection from insects, birds, toxic materials, noise and in solving problems regarding visibility and doorway access, we are there. Now we have come out with an ACCORDION PVC STRIP CURTAINS in Indian market that has made the doorway access more convenient and efficient than the traditional strip curtains.