Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain Suppliers

PVCstripcurtains.com the main suppliers of double ribbed pvc strip curtain, double ribbed pvc, double ribbed PVC rolls. This particular pattern of PVC strip curtains are widely used in Industrial applications to over come replacement of PVC strip curtains often due to its scratch and dullness.It is more durable than smooth pvc strip curtains. And it is available for Insect amber double ribbed for controlling insects and Transparent double ribbed for control dust and birds in larger size of entry in the industrial shed

Double ribbed pvc strip curtains, Industrial pvc strip curtains in Chennai and Indiaribbed pvc strip curtain suppliers

Ribbed PVC strip curtains are known for their improved durability and withstands repeated impact from heavy traffic such as forklift trucks. Ribbed curtains are of 2 types.

  1. Single Ribbed PVC strip curtains
  2. Double Ribbed PVC strip Curtains.

In ribbed curtains the rib portion takes the impact of truck and forklift traffic. This prevents scratching and tearing as well as grease and grime build up. The unique rib design keeps the strips cleaner, thus allowing them to last longer. We are the leading suppliers and dealers of Ribbed and Double Ribbed PVC strip curtains and rolls. pvcstripcurtains.com is a specialist in the PVC Strips market, manufacturing and delivering a full range of PVC/plastic based Strip Curtains to required areas in India.

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