PVC strip doors chennai

PVC Strip Doors:

Flexible PVC strip doors provide the most cost effective and simplest solution to protect people and goods in the work environment. They protect from harsh weather conditions, acts as an excellent barrier against drought, noise, dust, bugs, birds, pollutants, toxic substances and other inconveniences. Strip doors are easy to install and maintain as well as they provide high visibility for safe and easy traffic flow.

pvc strip door Strip Door Illustration  Strip door hardware

All component parts for the pvc strip hanging systems are available in high grade stainless steel, mostly required in harsh environments that persists in chemical factories and waste treatment plants.

Flexible PVC strip curtains

  • Standard/Clear curtains: For temperature control and Noise.
  • Polar/refrigeration curtains: For walk in freezers and cold rooms.
  • Ribbed pvc strips: for heavy traffic area
  • Welding screens: protect from welding sparks and UV rays.
  • Anti-insect curtains: protect from insects.

type of strip curtains

PVC Strip Overlapping

Certain percent of overlapping between pvc strip is recommended depending on the usage. Overlapping strips acts as a lock that keeps the controlled environment protected from insects and temperature loss.

 Plate Sets for PVC strip hanging. Plate sets pvc strip hanging
Strip sizes:
Strip size is chosen according to the size, the correct width and thickness of the opening. Also the moving traffic both pedestrian and vehicle must be considered in choosing the right pvc strip curtain.


 pvc strip hanging methodPVC strip overlapping and hook-on systems  Stainless steel hooks for strip hanging.stainless steel hooks for strip hanging

Illustrated below are the types of pvc strip curtain mounting option.

pvs srip curtain mounting option