Flexible PVC Strip Curtains

Flexible PVC Strip Doors are designed for door openings of any size and they have good transparency.  It is the most economical solution to maintain the temperature of the cordoned area, and helps in dust and noise control.  Flexible transparent pvc strips provide unsurpassed visibility thus providing safer environment in high traffic areas. The edges of the strips are rounded to avoid the danger of being cut and concave-convex overlapping pattern enhances the sealing effect. Our Strip Doors are the universal low cost enclosure that reduces heating and refrigeration costs, minimizes energy consumption, provides noise control, and increases the comfort of working environment.

We provide Flexible strip doors in six colors, pale green and pale blue white are the international standards. Clear transparent pvc strips are the best choice in areas where high visibility is required. Flexible pvc strips can be used as partition screens to create multifunctional compartments without taking up any extra space. We also have yellow, dark blue, dark green and brown, we can also provide the necessary color and size according to your requirements.


Storage Area, Painting Area, Printing Area, Welding Area, Food Processing, Cold Storage, Insulation Door, Paper(Printing/Packaging), Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Work Shop Area, Laboratories, Water Spray Booth, Hotel, Hospitals.