PVC strip curtain Hydrebad

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We innovate, excel and set the standards in PVC strip curtains in Hyderabad, India. Our pvc strips including anti-static strip curtains, cold room curtains and welding screens are the best of its kind. We are the leading manufactures, suppliers, importers, dealers and distributors of PVC Strip Curtains, rolls, sheets and strip doors . Our PVC Strip Curtains have extensive application in wide areas providing cleaner, safer and organized working environment. We replaced the traditional doors with pvc strip curtains as an alternative and effective means of  thoroughfare  for vehicles and individuals. They are known for their durability, performance, efficiency and easy maintenance which started a real revolution in the field of industrial pvc strip curtains.

Our PVC strip doors are widely used in manufacturing plants, cold storage facilities, freeze zones, warehouses, food processing zones, health care facilities, pharmaceutical industry, dairy industry and in the processing of agricultural products. Our PVC Strip Curtains are highly customizable according to your needs. Send us your enquiry for further details.