PVC Strip Curtains Cochin

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PVC Strip Curtains

Pvcstripcurtains.com Offers wide range of pvc strip curtains in Cochin Kerala. We are the leading suppliers of strip curtains and strip rolls in Cochin. Our pvc strip curtains are known for quality and durability required for the harsh environmental condition. Our strip rolls and pvc strips are quality checked to ensure maximum performance and minimum maintenance.

Anti Static Pvc strip Curtains Cochin

We provide high grade anti static curtains for maximum electrostatic discharge, thus protecting the most fragile electronics and sensitive equipments.

Insect Amber Pvc strip Curtains Cochin

Protects your valuable goods from harmful insects, widely used in food processing industry, fisheries, dairy industries to protect from insects.

Ribbed Pvc strip Curtains Cochin

Ribbed Pvc strip curtains are specially made with ribs for extra tensile strength to withstand constant impact from heavy machinery, widely used in warehouses, dock areas, loading and unloading pathways.

Transparent Pvc Strip Curtains Cochin

Transparent pvc strip curtains provide maximum visibility, thus providing unrestricted access for pedestrians and heavy vehicles that move in and out of the controlled area. They also allow maximum light flow through.

Welding Screens Cochin

Welding screens and curtains protect workers from harmful UV rays, welding sparks and loosened metal fragments.

Pvc Strip Curtain Suppliers Cochin

We are the leading importers, suppliers, and dealers of pvc curtains in Cochin. For enquiry on pvc strip curtain price and quality call us.


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