Pvc strip curtains types

PVC Strip Curtains are regular plastic which is made into thin rollable sheets and strips which is widely used in areas where cleaner, safer, hygienic, and organized workspace is necessary. Strip Curtains often referred to as strip doors are made out of flexible transparent overlapping thin pvc sheets placed at the open doorways, which eases the movement of vehicles and human traffic, and at the same time acts as a barrier protecting the controlled environment from temperature loss, insects and pollutants. They also reduce the “wind tunnel” effect caused due to opening and closing doors.

Types of PVC Strip Curtains.

Clear / Transparent PVC Strip Curtains:

This type of Curtain provide high visibility which is usually required in areas like loading and unloading areas in warehouses.

Anti Static PVC Strip Curtain:

They are used to protect fragile electronic components from Electro Static Discharge – which is caused by rapid transfer of electrostatic charge between two objects. Anti static curtains acts as conducting surface, thus preventing serious damages to semiconductors and integrated circuits.

Insect – Amber PVC Strip Curtains

This type of curtain cuts the light and prevents insects, which is usually attracted by light source. Food processing industries use these type of strip curtains to prevent insects from entering the food processing and storage unit.

Cold Storage Curtains / Plastic refrigeration curtains.

Also called as Polar grade curtains are usually made to withstand low temperature conditions within cold rooms and freezers They protect from temperature loss thus enhancing the energy efficiency which is usually not the case with traditional doors, where there will be loss of temperature by opening and closing the doors.

Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains / Double ribbed pvc strip curtains.

These curtains are produced with raised ribs within the pvc sheets, which makes them durable and lasts longer, withstanding heavy impact in areas where heavy machineries like fork lifts, trucks pass through.

Welding Curtains

This is highly used in mechanical, automotive plants where welding is carried out. This curtains prevent from UV rays, welding sparks and metal fragments.