PVC Welding Screens Welding Blankets

We make custom curtains, shrouds, covers or tarps in virtually any size from our wide variety of fire resistant pvc welding sheets. We electronically weld or securely sew all products to provide superior quality and long lasting protection. Cutouts, conveyor belt openings, machine shrouds, weighted hems, wind relief vents and doorways are just a few of the many custom features offered.

Glide-N-Fold Curtains
Accordion style folding curtains offer a space saving configuration with a sharp, clean appearance. Sold in 24″ width multiples. (Add 10 percent to widths for proper hanging)

Opaque Curtains
Vinyl laminated polyester scrim fabric designed for added durability and strength. It isĀ  formulated to withstand heavy abrasion and abuse, while resisting oil, water and most acids. Often used in combination with See-Thru Vinyl to create a specialty curtain or partition for added visibility and strength. Available colors; yellow, green, orange, blue, black, red & white.