PVC strip curtains

PVC Strip Curtains are the cheapest and the most reliable solution available for protecting the environment, creating safer, cleaner and organized workspace. Curtains made out of pvc strips protect humans and stored goods from harmful and hazardous agents like chemicals, pollutants, insects, noise, toxic fumes, welding sparks, UV rays, harmful radiation, flying metal fragments and sharpnel. Above all curtains made of pvc eases traffic flow which is a difficulty with traditional doors, pvc strip doors act as a barrier at the same time allows movement of heavy vehicles like forklift and trucks to pass in and out of the area protected with pvc curtains.  pvc strip curtain installation can be done with doors of any width and height, and there are different types of pvc strip curtains.

Types of pvc strip curtains

Transparent or clear pvc strip curtainsClear-PVC-strip-curtain-PVC-stip-curtains-Transparent-PVC-strip-Curtains-suppliers-in-Chennai-vinyl-curtains-in-IndiaThis type of pvc strip curtains and rolls are manufactured with high transparency and quality for maximum visibility, clear pvc curtains are also known as clear-vinyl, plastic curtains, common and standard pvc strip curtains and widely used in areas of high traffic where visibility is the key factor that prevents accidents.

Opaque pvc strip curtains

Opaque PVC strip curtains or strip doors are used where certain areas need a visual barrier from the restricted loading areas, such as airport baggage conveyors wherein it is desirable to restrict the view of an area. Opaque PVC strip doors have wide application in areas like security checkpoints or inspection areas. Opaque PVC strip curtains are entirely different from Translucent and Transparent strip curtains as they do not allow light to pass through so objects on the other side cannot be seen. So Opaque PVC strip curtains are not recommended in the areas of motorized traffic. Its suitable for both indoor and outdoor application where there is a need of privacy and also to save space.

Anti – insect or Insect Amber pvc curtains.

As the name implies these curtains keep the restricted area protected from the invasion of insects, which is usually attracted by light. Insect amber pvc strips and rolls are specially manufactured, so it cuts out the light and virtually blinds the insects. Highly recommended for food storage units and food processing plants to meet the food standards.

Cold Storage curtains or Plastic refrigeration curtains or Polar grade curtains.

Polar pvc curtains are made to withstand the low temperature mostly below zero that is maintained in cold freezer rooms and cold storage facilities. PVC curtains play a vital role in preventing the temperature loss and in the conservation of energy.

Welding Curtains and Screens.

Welding curtains are used in protecting humans from welding sparks, toxic fumes, UV rays and harmful radiation. pvc curtains for welding needs can also be made or built into Welding bays for isolation for welding areas.

Ribbed and Double ribbed pvc strip curtains.

Ribbed curtains are made with raised ribs that make them stronger and long lasting, usually used in high traffic areas where they have to withstand the wear and tear caused by constant collision with vehicles that pass through.

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