PVC Strip Door Curtains

pvc strip doors and curtains

PVC – Poly Vinyl Chloride is made into thin sheets and strips which is placed as strip doors or curtains at the entrances of Cold Storage rooms, warehouses, supermarkets and stock rooms. PVC Strip doors eases the flow of traffic and acts as a physical barrier protecting the restricted area from insects, harmful chemicals, pollutants, UV rays, Noise and in preventing the temperature loss. PVC strip curtain doors removes the constraints caused by the traditional doors in accessing the controlled area. They also solve the problem of “Wind Tunnel” effect that sweeps the stored materials and unwanted dust in and out of the storage area while opening and closing the door.

Industrial PVC Strip Curtains online price

PVC strip doors can be tailor made for your specific requirements, also strip doors are available for various applications like

  • Temperature Control in Cold storage facility.
  • Protection from insects in Warehouses and Storage facilities, Supermarkets, food processing plants.
  • Protection from UV rays and Noise.
  • Heavy traffic at loading and unloading areas, where the entrance has to remain open.

We manufacture and supply quality pvc strip door curtains all over Tamilnadu and India.  Also available PVC strips and Bulk rolls.