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PVC Strip Curtain

Often referred to as PVC strips, strip doors, strip curtains or flap doors, PVC strip curtains and sliding screens, are the most efficient solution in controlling many workshop hazards and creating a more safe and organized workplace. Initially PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is flexible and non reactive to chemicals, which is mixed with additives like impact modifiers, stabilizers, plasticizers to make them into sheets or strips that can be used to protect from noise, dust, smoke, fumes, welding sparks etc.

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Uses of PVC Strip Curtains

Noise Control

PVC strips are widely used as and effective and economical noise barrier in warehouses, loading docks, industries involving use of machine tools, supermarkets, departmental stores and industrial plants. Using PVC strip curtains improve workplace safety and conditions by enclosing loud/noisy machineries, blocking traffic noise, or separating the stockroom from the retail floor.

Recommended PVC Strips

You can choose from wide array of PVC strips and PVC strip curtains are doors can be custom made for your specific requirements.

We provide the following PVC Strip products for noise control.

Clear / Clear vinyl / Transparent / common / Flexible / Standard PVC strips - also available as Bulk strip rolls.

Security and Safety

PVC strips curtains increases safety in

  • public transit agencies,
  • military installations,
  • airports, manufacturing facilities,
  • food processing plants and
  • industrial plants,

by protecting from harmful or hazardous agents like welding sparks, UV rays, noise pollution, insects, pollutants, harmful chemical spillage and metal fragments.

Recommended PVC Strips

  • Opaque Black strips - creates a visual barrier when public areas merge with restricted loading areas, dressing rooms, work stations and airport baggage conveyors, private sectors at security checkpoints or inspection areas.
  • PVC Strips to emphasize doorways with orange fluorescent, Red colour marker PVC's makes passage ways more visible in low-light as well as keeping forklift traffic on track in a busy workplace.

Temperature Control

PVC strip doors are widely used areas that require temperature control like

  • Refrigerated Trailers,
  • Walk-in Coolers,
  • Freezers,Loading Docks,
  • Supermarkets,
  • Restaurants,
  • Food Processing Plants.

Plastic cold storage curtains keeps out cold air in or out and maintains the temperature of the controlled environment without restricting access, at the same time conserves energy costs. We provide you FDA certified PVC strips formulated for low temperature environments.

Recommended PVC Strips

  • Any type of standard flexible PVC strip curtains.
  • Cold storage curtains / Plastic cold storage curtains
  • Ribbed or Double Ribbed PVC strip Curtains.

Dust Control

PVC strip doors are used in creating cleaner safe zones by protecting from dust and solving the problem of unrestricted doorway access. They also eliminate the "Wind Tunnel Effect" caused by traditional doors at loading docks. Widely used in areas like

  • Clean rooms,
  • Paint shops - where a minor glitch caused by dust will ruin the entire paint job.
  • Construction Sites.
  • Wood sawing and Polishing.

Recommended PVC Strips

  • Standard Smooth and Standard Ribbed PVC stripping materials are typically used for clean rooms.

Control of harmful UV (Ultra Violet) rays.

PVC strips and rolls control harmful UV rays in

  • Warehouses,
  • Welding Booths,
  • Construction Sites,
  • Machine Shops,
  • Industrial Plants

by creating safe welding areas by maintaining high visibility and preventing harmful UV rays and sparks from causing injuries to workers.

Recommended PVC Strips

  • Dark Amber Smooth and Aztec Orange Smooth PVC - welding curtains to filter UV rays without obstructing the view of the welder or co-workers.
  • PVC curtains with UV absorbers is strong enough and last long from wear and tear in harsh outdoor conditions

Electro Static Discharge / Anti Static

Electro Static Discharge is a sudden flow of electricity between 2 contacting objects or electrical shorts. It causes serious damages in solid state electronics that involve integrated circuits and semiconductors. We provide high quality anti static pvc strips that protects against electro static discharge.

  • Antistatic PVC strip curtains are available in clear and green color